14 Dec 2011

( great christmas gift ideas from story north )

I have been a daily follower of a great design blog called Lovenordic Design Blog for a while now. The blog owner, Samantha, an Interior Designer from London has a great eye for Nordic treasures. Born to Icelandic Mother her inspirations and love for beautiful details is apparent in her blog posts.
Samantha also has a great online store called Story North which is beautiful and full of great products. I want to share with you all some of my favourites, which would also make great Christmas gifts. If I could put every product on this post I would... but here are just a few of many lovely things Story North has to offer.

Kebnekaise Pouf 

Wood Lamp


Menu Contour Kids Dining Set 

Rosendahl Wooden Monkey 

Rosendahl Wooden Animal Set

Rosendahl Wooden Rocking Horse 

Teabag Teapot


Dots Hangers/Coat hook 

Caroline Swift China Heart (3 pieces) 

Images via Story North


  1. I could shop till I drop! That pouf, those candleholders, the wooden lamp, the Bojesen monkey...all go in my shopping bag! LOVE!!!

  2. I love, love, love the wooden lamp! Great round up, Stu! x

  3. Ohh I want so much of this.I'll have to add to Santa's list again! I can brag though and say I already have two (yes 2) Rosendahl Wooden Monkey's - Gorgeous design musts - dots hangers, birds and kubus candle holder

  4. Mary - you must get the rest to complete the set, hehehe. I want all of the above from Santa... I think Santa is going to hate me! hahaha! I want too many things x

  5. Hi Stuart. Found you via Charlotta's blog. Loving those Kubus candle holders .. so graphic!

  6. Stuart - as always, amazing selections and taste!
    Thanks for the present ideas, those cube candles are fab.


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