26 Jul 2011

( pure bakery heaven )

The Greek based company Studioprotothype recently complete the renovation of a family owned bakery in Edessa, Greece. The owners asked Studioprototype to redefine the look of the Elektra Bakery shop chain with this as it's pilot project. Due to the space being only thirty-five square meters, the Architects where asked to redefine the program of the shop as well as it's appearance.
I just love the clean, fresh, sophisticated and well circulated design of this space. Every aspect of the space has been designed and thought out perfectly.
The long rectangular Carrara Arabescato marble counter draws emphasis within the spatial arrangement of the bakery while the black 'Beat Pendant' lights compliments this lovely interior.
Click on the images to enlarge :)

Photos by Spyros Paloukis
Drawings by Studioprototype

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