8 Aug 2012

( exciting products by MyYour UK )

Most designers are inspired by nature to created design objects. Just look at some of the wonderful products by MyYour, an Italian design house 'where the most innovative design ideas are chosen and transformed into new and unique decorative solutions... These solutions are able to express elegance and color, aesthetics and functionality, versatility and prestige.'I have chosen some of my favourite pieces of lighting and furniture by MyYour which really show how fun and sophistication can work extremely well together to create some beautiful organic designs.
MyYour will be showcasing their wonderful pr
oducts at this years 100% Design exhibition in London during September... Go down and have a look.

Images via: MyYour

( stunning staircase lighting by PSLAB )

This is more then modern design; it is a work of art. Via Plastolux PSLAB  created a fixture that could hang in a tight spiral staircase. The aim was to create a lighting concept that would mimic the staircase’s iconic spiral and also compliment the structure. There is no doubt that it opens up the stairs and looks absolutely fantastic.
“An imposing insertion was made in the shape of a ceiling mounted fixture composed of hanging channels reaching out from the ceiling in a circular manner identical to the staircase. The lighting installation hangs from a partially recessed supporting plate with extruded profiles that serve to firmly set the vertical channels. These channels vary in length, giving the impression of an ascending structure.” 

 Images via: Plastolux
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