31 Jan 2013

( A Great Look With Delft Tiles )

I first came across Dutch Delft Tiles whilst freelancing at a design company called Central Design Studio, working on an amazing restaurant called Union Jacks, Winchester, UK, owned by Jamie Oliver.

Hand painted Delft Tiles have been popular since the Sixteenth Century, and many of the designs offered today have changed little since then! Delftware, or Delft pottery, denotes blue and white pottery made in and around Delft in the Netherlands.

I just love this image above of an old dairy work room which shows Delft Tiles used to depict a classic dairy farming scene. Back in the 16th and 17th Century Delft tiles where used a lot in this format, to create beautiful hand painted scenes, often using the countryside as a main subject matter. 
Today these beautiful hand painted blue and white tiles are still used in a tradition way, such as country kitchens, bakery shops and fireplace surrounds. 
I personally would love to see more of these tiles used in a more contemporary surrounding to bring them into the 21st Century. I love how they have been used as a headboard in the first image... what a great idea :)

I have put together a 'Delft Look' Board, to show how to create a look for your kitchen. I have mixed the tiles with some traditional elements and relatively contemporary pieces to show you how great these can work with different design elements and materials. 

Products by: 123456Cushion (below).
Colour Palette by Me (Stuart Wilson)

A great Delft style cushion or two, would look great in a very clean-lined contemporary space. You can get these from House of Leisure.
First three images via: 1. 2. 3. 4.

29 Jan 2013

( just what wilson wants dot com )

Hey all.... I've finally got my own domain... YIPEE!!!!!
You can now find me on www.whatwilsonwants.com
This is a huge milestone for what wilson wants and I'm so happy that I now have my very own unique blog address! 
As a lot of you know, I started my blog as a place to store images, interiors, products, lighting, etc, all in one place which would be easy for me to locate all my research. Over the last year and a half, what wilson wants has become my baby and I realised very quickly that other appreciated my posts, and with it, my somewhat unique writing style ;)
I just want to thank you all for joining me on this journey so far, and I look forward to hearing more of your great comments which always puts a smile on my face; you guys have all made this a fantastic year and a half! Equally I have been deeply inspired by all my fellow bloggers out there over the years, who I can now consider my blog family!
I also want to thank blogger (blogspot) for making my life easier as a blogger, but I'm happy to lose you from my blog address, hehehehe ;) 

Graphic and photo by Me (Stuart Wilson)

28 Jan 2013

( City Home with a Contemporary Country Feel )

I would describe myself as a bit of a city, but I love the cosiness of country living. This home below is a wonderful example of how to achieve a comfortable yet contemporary, country style in the middle of the hustle and bustle of city life. 
Lucky for somebody, this Swedish two-story penthouse in the middle of Sweden, is for sale... I wish I was the lucky buyer!!! Renovated by Marianne Aaron Architect this stunning home boasts a glamorous, elegant, yet rustic style. The dark timber feature are timelessly fused with very contemporary furnishes and clean lines. 
The large living room is perfect, especially with the fireplace niche in the sidewall for storage of firewood. The painted black windows are a great contrast with the brown floor, and beautiful in wide boards.

I was charmed by the kitchen, with marble table and bench with cushions in rustic linen.
In the attic the roof structure was kept exposed, with brick walls were painted white and the floor, unlike the lower floor was coated with beautiful ceramic tiles.
I like the harmony in decorating, neutrality, lighting and cosy result. I would actually go as far as saying that this home is just perfect... When can I move in? ;)

Images via: Skeppsholmen

25 Jan 2013

( Friday's Palette - Natural Charm )

Your Friday Colour Palette...
Totally love this interior, so I just had to do my Friday Colour Palette based on this scheme. I hope you like it. Happy Friday all :)

Images via: We Heart It
Colour Palette by me (Stuart Wilson)

24 Jan 2013

( Gallery Wall Ideas )

Love how these thin picture frames are just sat comfortably on this concrete shelf at low level.

As most of you know, I have a huge passion for photography, but hardly ever display my work. 99.9% of my own photography is on my laptop, or on various photo-sharing web-sites! Well not any more... This weekend I am determined to buy some really lovely frames and create my very own and very personal Gallery Wall... Exciting :)
I have searched the Internet all week trying to get inspiration for my Gallery Wall, and what best way to hang my photos. This post is also a great opportunity to share my finding with you all.
By the way... Now that I have my inspiration... I don't know which style is my favourite! Please help me decide. Which one is your favourite?

Different frames, sizes and styles! Great balance :)

I really like the arrangement of these monochromatic frames :)

A three level shelving system crammed with frames...
Really like this organised randomness! 

Mixing it all up...
Frames on the shelf, some on the floor and some hanging! Very cool :)

Invisible shelf surrounding the room! 

Why not display other items... walls are not just for photos and art work!

Be creative... vintage items or collectible items... display them. Don't hide them! 

Display boxes / bespoke shelving unit!
I have loads of items and photos I'd show off on a shelf like this ;)

Get the biggest frame you can find and arrange those fantastic Instagram photos!
Be Proud of those snaps! 

Images via:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

22 Jan 2013

( Perfect Rustic Alpine Retreat )

The snow fell all weekend here in London, which was so exciting. I always feel like such a kid when it snows; snow ball fights, snow man building, and amazing photography opportunities. 

As Winter is still well and truly here and here to stay for a while, I thought this post would be very appropriate. 
As soon as I saw this Colorado home I fell in love with it. Designed by Studio Sofield, this Aspen getaway 'raises alpine style to a whole new level'. 

The beautiful design of this contemporary home sits seamlessly into its natural mountainous surroundings with ease whilst still meeting the design brief of a modern / traditional home set out by the clients. (The clients being a husband and wife with very different design views).
“I think of myself as a behaviorist,” Sofield says. “My design for this home or any home, really emerges from an understanding of who the clients are and how they prefer to live. Because I’ve worked with this couple for more than two decades, we had a pretty good head start on the process.” 
I feel the design team at Studio Sofield have blended the clients wishes for both modern and traditional, perfectly through the modern structural detailing i.e. the large double height living space, and stunning traditional materials and finishes i.e. tone walls, natural timber panelling and beautiful patterned carpets etc. 

“The goal is always balance, in weight, mass, texture, colour, everything,” Sofield notes. “It’s the same for the architecture and the interiors. I tend to judge furniture more on shape than pedigree. The casual, collaged feel of the mix here seems right for this kind of house.” 
I couldn't agree more... Design is all about balance and this is one of those perfect examples.

Images via: Architectural Digest
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