23 Jan 2012

( painted facades )

Some of my favourite house façades in London. I just love the beautiful contrast between the burgundy door the denim blue paintwork in the second image :) 

Images by me

19 Jan 2012

( beach house beauty )

Huge amounts of house envy with this beauty... I think I have lost count of all the holiday homes I have posted about wanting, hehehe. This one is definitely in my top 5. The interior architectural detailing in the home is amazing. I adore the panoramic view that is created by the large seamless windows... perfect! The mix of materials work so effortlessly with each other to create a well balanced comfortable environment. The steel post interlocking the concrete bench perfectly breaks up this open space, to cleverly separate the living area with the kitchen/dining area.
To top it all off, the choice of classic and comfortable soft furnishings are flawless. I can see some of my all time favourites; Minotti, Eames, Carl Hensen, to name but a few :) These pieces mixed with some traditional tribal pieces from all over the world, adds comfort and warmth to this stunning home.

Images via Les Interieurs

18 Jan 2012

( industrial brass kitchen )

You just can't beat a shiny brass kitchen... You know how much of a fan I am of coppers and brass in kitchen product :) I just love this industrial fragmented kitchen called 'Beam' designed by the fabulous Tom Dixon in collaboration with Lindholdt Studio.

Images via Solid Frog

13 Jan 2012

( friday's palette - duck egg blue and naturals )

Your Friday Colour Palette...
I have always been quite a fan of the colour duck egg blue. It is a very tranquil colour and has such a fresh but warm quality to it's hue. This mixed with some lovely natural tones and materials allows for a fantastic colour palette. I hope you like :)

Images via:
1 & 2 - Lyla & Blu
3 - Colour Palette by me

12 Jan 2012

( kitchen beauties )

Below are a few kitchens which I have been drooling over this week :) Rustic and clean lined kitchens... you know my favourites! You just can not beat aged timber! The first image has to be my favourite out of the four... what's yours?

Image via: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

( it's all in the detail )

Every great designer knows that whatever they design, the precision in the detailing is one of the most important aspects! As a designer, I never compromise on beautiful details in every piece of furniture I design! I have selected a few examples below that express my excitement about great detailing in product, furniture, lighting and interior design. Good detail doesn't mean it needs to be over designed!!! I hope you like. Have a great day :)

Floating Danish Modern Sideboard :)

Stunning table joint :)

The Human Lamp by David Ericsson :)

Paddle Lamp by Benjamin Hubert Studio :)

Tomiyama Koichi Walnut Coffee Lamp, by Koichi :)

Beautiful clay and steel cup and pot :)

Stunning steel wall spout and taps :)

Images via: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

11 Jan 2012

( just a few lovely ideas )

Good morning everyone. I'm sorry I haven't done a post for over a week... I have been so so busy.
I hope everyone has recovered from the New Year and is enjoying the start of what I hope will be a fantastic year for you all.
Please take a look at these lovely images below... lets get inspired :)

White boxes mixed with aged timber boxes :) LOVE THE LOOK

Beautifully ages leather belts gives this door so much character :)

Images via Brown Dress with White Dots

3 Jan 2012

( barn/stable conversion by Ábaton )

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. I hope you had a fantastic New Years Eve and have started the year with fun and are ready to be inspired! 
I was reading my one of my daily favourite blogs, 'You are the River', and came across the beauty... My first post of 2012 (Exciting) is this fantastic converted stables renovated by architectural and development firm Ábaton. This abandoned stables has been lovingly and carefully brought to life with so much consideration and attention to detail. Its not just beautifully designed, cozy and inviting, but is very eco-friendly. This home is fitted with solar panels, turbines controlled by two streams running through the property and all materials are recyclable. So, I'm ready to move in when they give me the keys, hehehe... Wishful thinking ;)

Images via Desire to Inspire
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