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  1. ok, tried to tweet you but can't send private message as you don't follow me. doh, beginner I know!!!
    just a question about your 'pin it' button. is it a plug in? is it free? don't you get copyright issues?

    1. Hi Annie, Yes it is free. You just need to go on to the Pinterest website and click on the '+' button next to your profile name. If you follow the instructions from here, you should be fine. It is in effect a plug in (code) that you will have to paste into your html web code. There are some great youtube tutorials on this.
      I havent had ant copyright issues as I always credit any images I use at the end of each of my blog posts. And to be honest, its free advertising for them so most people love image sharing.
      I hope all this helps. Please let me know if you need any further help hun.

      Stu :)

  2. Beautiful blog and photos! Thanks for sharing. Found via Pinterest of your steel doors...they are so lovely.
    You have unbelievable taste!


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