31 Aug 2011

( kitchen kool )

Just some really great kitchens to inspire you. I thought I'd share a few on my favourite kitchens from my personal files... I hope you like them as much as I do :)

Images via:
1: Space for Inspiration
2-4: My Scandinavian Retreat
5: French by Design

29 Aug 2011

( bank holiday monday mix )

Here are a few great interiors I wanted to share with you all on this Bank Holiday Monday. I hope you like them :)

Images via I.GO.BLOG

26 Aug 2011

( friday's palette - grey blue & mustard gold )

Something lovely for Friday... 
I came across one of my favourite colour combinations this morning and just had to do another colour palette to compliment this stunning bed image. I'm a huge fan of the use of grey blue in interior furnishings... but find that with white or on its own can be really cold, depending on the surroundings. Complimenting grey blue with this mustard gold however just works perfectly. I just want to crawl into this photo :) Have a great bank holiday everyone.

Photos via:
Image 1: Little Blue Deer
Colour Palette: By me
Image 2: Found in my vast image library

23 Aug 2011

( some great interiors to inspire you )

If it's raining and cold where you are...here are some of my favourite interior images form the photo resource blog, The Purcuit Aesthetic. COZY :)

Images via The Purcuit Aesthetic.

19 Aug 2011

( friday's palette - jade green & soft pink )

Something lovely for Friday... 
I'm really into Jade Green at the moment and came across these lovely images showing the use of Jade with soft Pink tones. The contrast between the two colours is stunning, and they compliment each other in such a luxurious and elegant way. I have put together a colour palette for you below :)

Images via Little Blue Deer & Helt Enkelt
Colour palette by me

16 Aug 2011

( just some really lovely images )

I came across a really lovely image blog today and couldn't resist sharing some beautiful and inspiring photos with you all. The image blog is called 'Brown dress with white dots'. I hope you love it as much as I do. Please see below, some of my favourite images :)

Images via Brown dress with white dots

( green house luxury )

This stunning home really connects the inside and outside, embracing the green.
Everything about it is so well done and the whole atmosphere and different areas work so well together.
Love the use of materials, the wooden objects through the house... Fresh, Clean, Inviting, Cozy and just Beautiful :)

Images via Design Addict Mom

15 Aug 2011

( photographer - Alex Profit )

I love these images by french photographer Alex Profit.
His website shows more beautiful images, including an al dente selection of hotels and guest houses.
Below are some of my favourites :)
PS: My Brother and his beautiful new wife Beccy, got married at the weekend so I just want to congratulate them again. 'I love you both'. I haven't posted anything for a while due to spending time working and practising my Best Man speech... which I'm pleased to tell you, went really well... so I've been told. hehehe.

Images by Alex Profit
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