22 Feb 2014

( Nursery Mood board )

As you all know from my excitement in last weeks post, I am going to be an Uncle for the first time and I cant wait. Last week, I put together some inspiration to get me inspired as I will be designing my Niece / Nephew's Nursery. From the lovely images and some colours that myself and my Sister-in-law loved, here is the theme for the baby's nursery :) It's going to look gorgeous! Have a great weekend. 

Colour Palette and Mood board by me (Stuart Wilson)
Images via Pinterest

13 Feb 2014

( Inviting Entrance Halls )

The Entrance Hall is one of the most important spaces when it comes to decorating your home as this is the first thing people see when they visit. Unfortunately, this space is one of the most forgotten about and neglected spaces when we re-decorate.
I find that a lot of people don't realise the potential in their Entrance Halls or feel that they shouldn't spend the money here as it's just a passing space. The truth is that you don't have to spend a fortune in this area to create a welcoming space that is warm and inviting to friends and family.
Below are so great examples of inviting Entrance Halls that are treated like they are an extension of the living space. Some of which the home owner has slashed out on, and some are done on a budget but still look and feel welcoming. The important thing to remember is that even the images that look expensive... there are always inexpensive alternatives you can achieve that will create a look for a fraction of the price.

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12 Feb 2014

( Kitchen Love - Black, White & Gold )

Well... this my friends is what I can only describe as my perfect Kitchen. I am a little lost for works with this post as I don't want to rant on about detail detail detail, hehehe. Everywhere I look in this Kitchen, my design senses go into overdrive... OK, here I go...
Look at the clean edge and smooth detail on the fitted black units and how they work so beautifully with the contrasting free-standing antique island unit (heaven). look at those black and white patterned floor tiles and how they sit so comfortably in the space. The thin blackened steel windows are so elegant and balanced against the white wall. The thin stools have been chosen so not to distract from the gorgeous turning of the island unit legs, but are slick and sexy in their own right.
Ok, I'm going to stop there... I'm getting far too excited, hahaha. What do you think of this Kitchen?
The Kitchen was designed by the fabulous Jessica Helgerson, who I have been a huge fan of for a long time.

Images by: Lincoln Barbour

( Today I'm Loving... Black Walls )

I'm currently designing a beautiful hotel in the gorgeous York, UK and I'm at that all exciting concept stage where I get to spend hours looking at lush images to aid me in my design process. So whilst doing this I just thought I share some lovely finds with you... No reasoning for my choice of black walls but it started becoming a theme so I thought I'd stick with that for this post as I'm actually really loving the dark wall look at the moment... Theres actually something really therapeutic about these interiors. Enjoy! Happy hump day everyone :)

Images via:
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11 Feb 2014

( Buster + Punch Lighting and Furniture )

The Cool Kids in Town

I've known about these guys for some time now and have been dying to write about them and share this uber cool / uber creative design team with you all.
Buster + Punch know how to shake up any interior with their very 'extraordinary' products. The London based designers started life in an East London garage where they discovered a passion for designing and creating things they loved, from light fittings, motorcycles, to furniture. This expressive passion behind closed doors developed into these amazing products you will see below.
Below is just a small taster of the amazing lighting range they have developed. Just check out the furniture they do too... bloomin awesome! I'm not going to put too many of their products on this post as I really want you to see for yourself. There is something seriously rock and roll about these guys... I love it.

Image via: Buster + Punch

( Uncle Wilson )

Kids Room Inspiration

Yes, that's right folks, I'M GOING TO BE AN UNCLE... AHHHH! I am so so so excited you have no idea :)
My Twin Brother told me the news 15 weeks ago and I have been dying to tell all my friend and blog family. At times I've nearly burst with excitement and frustration by not being able to tell anyone until my beautiful Sister-In-Law, Beccy, knew everything was ok.
So I am officially thrilled to announce that there is another Wilson entering the world this coming Summer and the Wilson clan are all grinning from ear to ear with happiness and excitement.
My Mum makes me laugh the most though as she is a jolly soul at the best of times but has been singing and dancing around the whole town tell everyone the news whether she knows them or not, hehehe - bless her :)

So on that exciting note, I thought it would be appropriate to do todays post on Children's Rooms. I was inspired to do this as I will be designing my future Niece or Nephew's Nursery. I offered my design services and decorating skills to my Brother and Beccy as a gift to celebrate the announcement.

So here are some lovely images of nurseries and kids rooms to get us inspired:

CONGRATULATIONS NEIL AND BECCY - You are going to be the best parents a child could ever wish for. I love you both very much x

Images via:
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