30 Jul 2011

( my scandinavian dream summerhouse )

Originally built in Oslo, Norway in 1914, this beautiful summerhouse in Nordsjælland, Denmark, caught the current owner's eye when he was just 5 years old. He promised himself that if he ever came into money, he would buy the house and have it renovated to its former glory. I just love it :)

Images via Bolig

28 Jul 2011

( images i'm loving today )

Here are a few images I am loving from the blog, Modern Hepburn :) Hope you like.

Table: Slim Jim, by designer Rolond graf

Images via Modern Hepburn

( loving the clay )

I really love these clay pieces with the metal trimmings. I want the entire set :)

Image via Modern Hepburn

26 Jul 2011

( pure bakery heaven )

The Greek based company Studioprotothype recently complete the renovation of a family owned bakery in Edessa, Greece. The owners asked Studioprototype to redefine the look of the Elektra Bakery shop chain with this as it's pilot project. Due to the space being only thirty-five square meters, the Architects where asked to redefine the program of the shop as well as it's appearance.
I just love the clean, fresh, sophisticated and well circulated design of this space. Every aspect of the space has been designed and thought out perfectly.
The long rectangular Carrara Arabescato marble counter draws emphasis within the spatial arrangement of the bakery while the black 'Beat Pendant' lights compliments this lovely interior.
Click on the images to enlarge :)

Photos by Spyros Paloukis
Drawings by Studioprototype

23 Jul 2011

( perfect vanity )

I love this semi free-standing vanity unit by one of my favourite designers Christian Liaigre. His furniture and interiors are extremely simple in appearance but extremely well constructed, and his attention to detail is impeccable. I love this vanity unit.

Image via 4.bp

22 Jul 2011

( happy friday )

Something lovely for Friday...
I was lucky enough to come across theses beautiful images from Bonnie Tsang's Pinterest Profile page. Bonnie has such a good eye for design and impeccable taste :)
Some images that put a smile on my face today.

Images via Pinterest

( injection of colour )

I really like the use of subtle strong colours in this Spanish home, designed by the Melián Randolph studio.

Images via Nuevo Estilo.

19 Jul 2011

( window and doors )

One of my many image folders on my laptop is a folder dedicated to windows and doors. I have a thing for beautiful well made windows and door, as I feel that they offer such an important role in the design of any space... they are what frame an amazing view, the first impression of a space when entering, a part of the wall decor, and what ties the interior with the exterior!
These are my favourites.

Window 1: Arched Steel Framed window :)
Window 2: Small arched steel framed window :)
Window 3: Old worn timber :)


Door 1: Warn steel and glass door with worn steel architrave :) 
Door 2: Steel and glass door given a great sense of power by the large architrave 
Door 3: Yes... another steel door. But just stunning :)

Images Via:
Window 1: Beautiful House
Window 2: Beautiful House
Window 3: Flickr by Generoso Mrack
Door 1: Personal scan from Elle Decoration
Door 2: Auster Chic
Door 3: Remodelista

18 Jul 2011

( DIY bench )

Great example of a beautiful homemade bench! great mix of found timber planks, old worn bent mental, and 3 seat cushions. Love it :)

Image via you are the river

( lifestyle is... by Mikkel Adsbøl )

I'm loving these photos by Photographer Mikkel Adsbøl. I have selected my favourite photos from Adsbøl's 'Lifestyle' portfolio.
'Lifestyle is exciting because the challenge lies in creating rooms. Lifestyle is so much more than white walls and four-legged chairs. It is also a mood. A composition that has to strike a balance in a dedicated teamwork of stylists, craftspeople, and designers to achieve the best possible result. Lifestyle is about creating moods that inspire, provoke and take things to a new place.' 

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