30 Nov 2012

( friday's palette - december begins )

Your Friday Colour Palette...
Here's to the beginning of December... I wanted to start Decembers colour palettes as I mean to go on... Christmasy :)
I came across this beautiful fist image last night and knew instantly that I had to use it as my first wintery palette for 2012. I just fell in love with the rich lilac and purple tones in these extremely cute metal display cases, which are from a lovely company called 'Nice'.
I love that this palette is very wintery yet still manages to generate a bit of coziness and warmth through the purple and natural tones. I hope you like it.
Happy Friday everyone. Have a great weekend.

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Colour Palette by me (Stuart Wilson)

29 Nov 2012

( lovely advent calendar ideas )

I'M SO EXCITED! It's that time kids... and big kids, hehehehe.
With one more day to go until the advent season starts, I thought I'd help you with a few lovely ideas for some great home-made advent calendars. Here are some of my favourites... the problem is, that I want them all :)
Why don't you try to make one of them yourself.... I love the idea of getting a new ornament each day to display on the tree... or a bit of chocolate / piece of candy to eat ;)

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( thursday mix )

Here are a few of my favourite discoveries of the month. I hope you like them :)
Have a great day.

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19 Nov 2012

( my dream home - living room )

NEW SERIES... My Dream Home. 
In this series I will be creating a visual mood board for every room in my 'dream home'. We can all dream can't we! ;)
This week I have created a mood board for my dream living room. I've created a soft, tranquil space using rich timbers and soft, light fabrics. Choosing the right classic and vintage furniture is also very important to me as I feel these key pieces add personality and character to the space... ultimately creating a beautiful and very cozy living space where I can come home from work, put my feet up on my Chesterfield Sofa (covered with loads of soft cushions), and write my next blog post with a hot cup of tea.

Mood board by Me (Stuart Wilson)

16 Nov 2012

( docking station chic )

I have just been on one of my favourite social commerce websites by the name on Etsy (I'm sure most of you know how fab this site is), and can across these little gems.
The company is called ReAcoustic. They create modern versions of old gramophones by converting them into Ipod docking stations. I just had to share this great product with you all.
The story attached to the company is equally beautiful... 

'PLEASE READ: My wife and I just had three children placed with us for adoption. It has been very overwhelming and such a blessing. Every dock in my shop will be on sale for the entire month of October, and all the proceeds will go to help with all of the adoption expenses. Christmas is just around the corner. Thank you to everyone that has purchased a dock and to everyone that will. You have helped us help three very loving and amazing children.
If you see a horn you like but would like it on a different dock style, let me know. I would be more than happy to build one for you.'

Images via Etsy

( morning walk in London )

Living in London is usually met with noise, traffic, and lots of people running around with places to go. A few days ago I thought I'd get up earlier and take a different route to work, via the amazing park at the end of my street... and this is what I had waiting for me :)

Image by me (Stuart Wilson)

9 Nov 2012

( FEATURE HOME - New York farmhouse )

As soon as I saw this renovation I knew I had to share it with you. A rustic-modern farmhouse that seem to embody all the design details I look for in a home. This wonderful place mixes ultra clean lines with very powerful traditional detailing. The architectural craftsmanship creates the perfect foundation for the stunning eclectic interior which has been chosen to perfection. I could move into this as it is... well, with a few danish modern pieces and some of my family photos thrown in :)
Happy Friday all.

( friday's palette - wedding mood board )

Your Friday colour Palette...
Last month one of my best friends in the world announced that she was getting married (well done Dev for finally making an honest woman out of Kate, hehe.) and I couldn't be more thrilled for them. They are truly one of the most honest and genuine couple you could ever wish to meet.
My Brother and Sister-in law got married a year ago, and as I was so busy with work I couldn't offer my creative services as much as I would have liked to.
This week I met up with Kate and ask if she would like some help with the scheme for her wedding. Kate is one of those girls who knows what she likes and oozes style appeal, so putting a mood board together for her wasn't hard. Here is the first revision we came up with together. She has chosen colours that I adore, so I instantly fell in love with the theme.

Mood Board by me
Images from Pinterest

1 Nov 2012

( Autumn morning in London )

Last weekend I decided to have a stroll round the beautiful Richmond Park, London.
It has to be my favourite park in London because of the size, the wildlife and the greenery. Saying that, the green is now more orange, yellow and red... AMAZING.
I just wanted to post a few of the images I captured of my trip to share with you all. As you can see, I'm really getting into my photography.
Goal for next year: have my own photography exhibition ;) hehehe.

Images by me (Stuart Wilson)
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