21 Sep 2011

( beautiful barn renovation )

When I spotted these images last night, all I could say in my head was 'I want,  I want, I want!'
This gorgeous picturesque barn renovation by architect Russell Groves has that perfect balance between rustic elegance and modern sophistication.
All the original beams and flooring were carefully restored to their former glory. I love the mix of modern, custom-made and vintage furniture together with rough and smooth textures and materials. These cleverly chosen and designed pieces combined with the harmonious interior architecture, really make this a very comfortable and glamorous home.

Images via Casa Tres Chic

1 comment:

  1. OK, Another LOVE!!!! I love pretty much every post but this has hit my heart, I dream of having a barn...... Those beams! All the different textures & materials. Heaven! Great images, inspiring. xx


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