16 Sep 2011

( friday's palette - aubergine and green )

Your Friday Colour Palette...
I came across this first image whilst doing a google search last month. At the time, I was actually looking for a really nice bike to buy, but instead of finding the perfect bike, I found this beautiful image of a lovely Amsterdam restaurant entrance. The thing that caught my eye was the aubergine colour of the blinds. This colour combined with the green wreath, and the natural timber of the door is so rich and inviting... I love the bike too :)

Images via:
1 - Google search
2 - Palette by me
3 - My image bank


  1. love this aubergine color ... I think it is very French ;) J'aime...
    bonne weekend a toi!

  2. Hey hun,
    Its great isn't it :) Va va voom.
    Bonne weekend

  3. Some lovely colours for me to consider when I move house in a few weeks. Thanks :)

  4. Hi Zoelee,
    They are beautiful aren't they. Just let me know if you want to know what the Dulux reference codes are, and I will gladly email them to you.
    Have a great weekend.
    Stu :)

  5. I adore the simple and easy format of your blog. The 'Colour Palette Weekly' category is fantastic. Thank you for sharing your inspirations. I love them all. Great blog.
    Fran x

  6. Oh aubergine is one of my favourite colours! Beautiful! Hope you've had a great weekend :)

  7. I will join the chorus above and declare that I too am wild about 'aubergine/plum' colours right now!

    Am sourcing linen curtains for my living room in this shade.. Hard to find the exact right shade and finish.. The hunt goes on.

    Love from the North

    x Charlotta

  8. Charlotta,

    I hope you had a great weekend. Aubergine is one of my favourites too... so rich and lush :)
    Are you decorating your house at the moment then? exciting :) I hope you find the plum shade you are looking for.

    much love,

    Stu x

  9. By the way this is restauramt Vooges in the Utrechtsestraat in Amsterdam ;)

  10. Thank you for letting me know :) I will change it now, hehehe. I hope all is good with you?


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