23 Sep 2011

( friday's palette - timber, pastel & wine)

Your Friday Colour Palette...
Three words I adore, hehehe. I loved this Mallorcan townhouse when I first saw it... All the colours in this interior are stunning and are all favourites of mine. It also helps that the interior is stunning too. I particularly like the back dark timber back wall... very sexy, and pulls this large interior space in, making it very comfortable. There is a great mix of strong tones combined with lovely pastel tones, which I have displayed in my colour palette below... enjoy :)

Image via:
1- ChicTip
2 - Palette by me


  1. Lovely room, I think my favourite feature has to be the timber wall. I like how the plants on the coffee table add a pop of bright colour too.

  2. Love these colours....... Remind me of autumn & I love autumn! So warm & inviting. xx


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