6 Oct 2011

( washington park residence in seattle )

Beautiful home by Sullivan Conard Architects. Yet another future house on mine, hehehe. I'm going to need more than a lottery win for all these homes I want! The combination of materials work really well within the surrounding environment. Vast raw surfaces have been integrated extremely well especially the concrete which is used throughout the property. I love the seamless transitions between each material creating a very comfortable living space and flow between each part of the property. The clean, elegant forms are so well thought out by Sullivan Conard Architects.

Description from Architect: 
'This Washington Park Residence sits on a bluff overlooking Lake Washington with views of the Eastside and Cascades beyond.  The house takes advantage of the site by contrasting mass and transparency to capture broad, unobstructed views while preserving privacy.  Thick, thermally insulated concrete walls are layered and modulated on the street side of the house to provide carefully framed views from west facing rooms, add depth and shadow to the facade, and orchestrate the entry sequence through the courtyard to the front door.  Upon entry, the transparency of the east side of the house is revealed with floor to ceiling windows and doors connecting to a stone terrace.  The green roof mitigates storm water runoff while the geothermal heating system reduces fossil fuel consumption.' 

Images via Design Traveller


  1. The Washington Park home is gorgeous. So much warmth even though materials include concrete & steel

  2. Beautiful home. Thanks for sharing :-) Gerard.

  3. OH man!! I am so inspired by these pictures of cement and shelvin - stairs! OH in love!


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