1 Dec 2011

( my 'I wish' christmas list )

Dear Santa, Please may I have...
If money were no object, what would you ask Santa for! I don't even think Santa would give me half the items on my dream Christmas wish list, hahaha. I'm just going to have to start saving aren't I... or win the Lotto :)
If you could have anything for Christmas... What would your 'I wish' list be?

My Furniture List:

Amazing hand made timber couch :)

Frederik Kayser for Vatne Møbler, Norway :)

Teak sideboard by Gunni Omann for Omann Jr :)

My Accessories / Fashion List:

Sexy watch by Nomos :)

Walnut veneered headphones... Yum :)

Felt and leather laptop case :)

Very stylish white racer :)

Vintage Ray Bans - a bit bling bilng for me :)

A selection of winter warmers from ASOS :)

In My Dreams List:

Just a vintage car please Santa :)

Images via my Pinterest wish list


  1. Poor Santa! He's got lots to drag to your home:-)) Lovely picks, Stu!

  2. Oh man - you've got such great taste! The car - what a beauty! The bike - how perfect for me (and you too I guess). Now the only question is - who's going to be generous enough to buy us these things?!

  3. Hahahahahaha! Very humble indeed! ;) Well we can all dream. I'll do a deal with santa! I'll design and make him a bigger sleigh to transport my xmas prezzies! Or he can invoice me for the Fed-Ex bill! hahaha. x

  4. Jordana - Thank you :) The answer to your question... Santa of course ;) hehehe

  5. well, you already spend all of santa's money!!! Nothing left for me....;)
    But let's just say...a house in the right size....filled with all the stuff I REALLY like....that's it...o and do you think he would slip in a chocolate or two???

  6. come to think of it....(great Ideas always take some time;)) I brought home from Paris a magazine FILLED with realestate.....in PARIS...maybe if not a house the right size over here....a small appartment in Paris???? WITH blacony OF COURSE:D

  7. Lynda - I'm sure Santa will have enough money left to make you a nice apartment in Paris, although he might not have enough money left for a balcony. If I take away the bike from my list then he might be able to afford a window box for you... will that be ok, hahahaha.

  8. Anyway Santa has loads of money... he's married to Celine Dion, hahahaha ;)

  9. This is great. Can your santa visit me too!

  10. That vintage black car is AMAZING! Man, I hope Santa buys me that!

  11. It's nice to see a man with such a good taste, lovely bike, amazing car, want the headphones ;)

  12. I'll take the headphones, laptop case & bike!

  13. It's amazing isn't it! You can buy it for me if you want Holly ;) hehehehe


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