12 Jan 2012

( it's all in the detail )

Every great designer knows that whatever they design, the precision in the detailing is one of the most important aspects! As a designer, I never compromise on beautiful details in every piece of furniture I design! I have selected a few examples below that express my excitement about great detailing in product, furniture, lighting and interior design. Good detail doesn't mean it needs to be over designed!!! I hope you like. Have a great day :)

Floating Danish Modern Sideboard :)

Stunning table joint :)

The Human Lamp by David Ericsson :)

Paddle Lamp by Benjamin Hubert Studio :)

Tomiyama Koichi Walnut Coffee Lamp, by Koichi :)

Beautiful clay and steel cup and pot :)

Stunning steel wall spout and taps :)

Images via: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.


  1. Stuart, I couldn't agree more - and the images you chose perfectly promote that point. I love them all! Gladly put any of these in my home. The simplicity of these items but the impact they provide - it's good design, right? Although The Human Lamp is kind of creeping me out the more I look at it... lol. I think I could do without the knobs, or maybe it's the name... - but the shade is awesome.


  2. haha, that table joint made me hold mi breath for a moment! so perfect, so neat.


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