3 Feb 2012

( just a few wonderful things )

Sorry for not doing a post for so long... been so so busy!
Today I just thought I would share a few lovely images and text. Have a great weekend! Happy Friday :)

Images via: My special folder


  1. very very beautiful... pictures and quotes but especially the thought behind this post

    have a great weekend !

  2. Remarkable quotes and beautiful photographies. Have a great weekend!

  3. love the post! thank you for sharing all this beauty.... enjoy your weekend.

  4. Hi Stewart. My name is Tina. I thought I'll introduce myself. Very nice post. Great images and even greater quotations. Have a nice weekend.

  5. Thanks guys! These images are fab and the quotes beautiful, if they were reciprocation :( Oh well, they say if you are heart broken once in your life it makes you stronger! I hope this is right x

  6. Stuart, I am just smitten with this post! What a nice experience to go from q touching quote to a fabulous image. This was good for my soul, thank you :)

    ps. I do strongly believe that although a broken heart hurts, it always grows back stronger and better than before.

  7. Hey Holly, I was so happy to read your response this morning :) and I'm so glad you like the post... Happy to hear it touched you.
    The heart will heal I know... I just hope you are right that it will grow stronger :) Thank you sweety xx


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