12 Mar 2012

( London weekend walk )

Hey all you lovely people... I just want to start by saying that I'm so sorry for not doing a post for 2 weeks! I started a new job at the beginning of the month so it's been 'all systems go'! The new job is fantastic and there are so many beautiful and exciting jobs to get my teeth stuck in to.
I am now well and truly back... and will be posting as regularly as usual from now on :) I've missed my little blog!
This weekend I made full use of the early summer sun we had in London. I don't think I've walked so much for year... I have walked none stop all weekend and my feet are killing me, hehe. On Saturday morning me and my good friend Craig finished our 'Map tour'. This is a map, pin pointing 60 unusual and fascinating facts about London that people just walk past and don't realise the significance of what they are looking at! For example, The oldest house in London, The only surviving statue that survived the great fire of London etc... We had a great time and a good laugh doing this.

Sunday, I got up very early as the sun was beaming through my window... bliss! I left the house only to go for a short walk along the canal to Canary Wharf, East London... well, once I got there, I just kept on walking until I ended up at the Thames Barrier (5 hours later). Here are a few photos of what I captured along the way... I hope you like them :)

Photos by me


  1. Looks like you had a fantastic spring weekend! Love the pics!!

  2. Thank you Igor... It really was such a lovely weekend of walking walking walking! My feet feel like they are going to fall off. hehehehe. x

  3. I love these photos, Stu! How do you find out about that map tour thing? I want to do it!! X

  4. Woah! Nice pics, thanks so much for sharing :) The map tour idea is amazing! Like Michelle asks, how did you find out about it, or is something you guys put together yourselves?

    Best! Xx.

  5. Very nice pics, Stu! Seems you had a nice start into a hopefully amazing spring there in London. Really great idea about the map ... would also like to find it somewhere as Holly and Michelle already wrote.

    Have a great week.
    xx Lysann

  6. Its taken me and Craig 3 whole days over 2 months to do it... Its so much fun. Here is a link to the map... Its £3 but worth every penny! happy hunting!



  7. Very cool that you made it! Pinned it ;) Thanks for the tip.

  8. Fantastic photographs! Wow, you are skilled. I loved the yaughts/boats? Feeling super inspired to have a wee cycle down to Limehouse basin...


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