20 Apr 2012

( brassy beauty )

I'm back... sorry I've been away for a month! snowed under with work as usual!
Wanted to come back with something AMAZING, and when I came across the company Skultuna today, I just had to share with you guys.
For over 400 years Skultuna has produced brass and sterling silver objects of the highest quality for both everyday use and for special occasions. Always with that same sense of quality, function and design 'Skultuna today creates tomorrow’s antiques'.
The products they produce range from bowls, candle sticks, tea-light holders, jewellery boxes to cuff links.
I just adore all of there products, but I have selected a few of my personal favourites below.

Images via: Skultuna


  1. I have such a hang up on brass details at the moment. I just painted our bedroom white, and I just want to fill it with brass and gold details and some minty pastels/neon.

    I thought I read somewhere that you were part of developing the look of the new Jamie Oliver restaurant. Is that right?

  2. Skultuna is a fabulous company, we've got so many of their lovely products. Next visit I'd like to go and see the brassworks in Västmanland.

    makes me want more candle sticks....

  3. So sculptural and so very beautiful.

  4. These are seriously amazing! Thanks for the intro! x


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