28 Jan 2013

( City Home with a Contemporary Country Feel )

I would describe myself as a bit of a city, but I love the cosiness of country living. This home below is a wonderful example of how to achieve a comfortable yet contemporary, country style in the middle of the hustle and bustle of city life. 
Lucky for somebody, this Swedish two-story penthouse in the middle of Sweden, is for sale... I wish I was the lucky buyer!!! Renovated by Marianne Aaron Architect this stunning home boasts a glamorous, elegant, yet rustic style. The dark timber feature are timelessly fused with very contemporary furnishes and clean lines. 
The large living room is perfect, especially with the fireplace niche in the sidewall for storage of firewood. The painted black windows are a great contrast with the brown floor, and beautiful in wide boards.

I was charmed by the kitchen, with marble table and bench with cushions in rustic linen.
In the attic the roof structure was kept exposed, with brick walls were painted white and the floor, unlike the lower floor was coated with beautiful ceramic tiles.
I like the harmony in decorating, neutrality, lighting and cosy result. I would actually go as far as saying that this home is just perfect... When can I move in? ;)

Images via: Skeppsholmen


  1. Love all the wood on it :D


    1. The timber ceilings are amazing aren't they :) x

  2. The living room is a marvel - the ceiling, the black windows and doors...The interior leads one to believe that the house is in the countryside, so it is really strange to see an apartment building oustide the window!

    1. I have a huge love for black frames on windows :) Glad you like the post :) xx

  3. All pictures are very nice i love them but TV room i like the most. painted black windows are a great contrast with the brown floor, this color combination is great.

  4. I have to say this post was certainly informative and contains useful content for enthusiastic visitors. I will definitely bookmark this blog for future reference and further viewing. Thanks a bunch for sharing this with us!


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