1 Feb 2013

( Friday's Palette - Colour Kids )

Your Friday Colour Palette...
I love this kids room so much. Colourful, simple, and sophisticated... The simple furniture and colour palette would work great for both sexes (even though there's a bit of pink!) Pink is cool... well the right hues! Come on guys, back me up, hehehe. Happy Friday everyone. Hope you all have a great weekend :)

Image via: Modern Mum Must-Have
Colour Palette by Me (Stuart Wilson)


  1. fabulous palette Stuart!

    Happy weekend :)

    Xx. Holly.

    1. Hey Holly. Thank you hun. I really love this one. It make me want to add pink into my life! I may take the bold step :)
      Have a great weekend. xxx

  2. Gorgeous palette... among all the white walls... they pop!

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Thank you so much for your comment. I will try to respond to any comments and questions as soon as I can. Happy viewing :)

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