11 Feb 2014

( Uncle Wilson )

Kids Room Inspiration

Yes, that's right folks, I'M GOING TO BE AN UNCLE... AHHHH! I am so so so excited you have no idea :)
My Twin Brother told me the news 15 weeks ago and I have been dying to tell all my friend and blog family. At times I've nearly burst with excitement and frustration by not being able to tell anyone until my beautiful Sister-In-Law, Beccy, knew everything was ok.
So I am officially thrilled to announce that there is another Wilson entering the world this coming Summer and the Wilson clan are all grinning from ear to ear with happiness and excitement.
My Mum makes me laugh the most though as she is a jolly soul at the best of times but has been singing and dancing around the whole town tell everyone the news whether she knows them or not, hehehe - bless her :)

So on that exciting note, I thought it would be appropriate to do todays post on Children's Rooms. I was inspired to do this as I will be designing my future Niece or Nephew's Nursery. I offered my design services and decorating skills to my Brother and Beccy as a gift to celebrate the announcement.

So here are some lovely images of nurseries and kids rooms to get us inspired:

CONGRATULATIONS NEIL AND BECCY - You are going to be the best parents a child could ever wish for. I love you both very much x

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  1. I love every image you have put up. They are all so cute. The little pictures of the animals would be a great focal point for any child's room. You have a great eye for design and I am a keen follower of your blog. You never get it wrong. Thank you. Jenny

  2. So excited that you are designing our little beans room. I have every faith that it will be amazing. You will be an amazing uncle Stubie x x x
    Rebecca Wilson


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