29 Jun 2011

( hand-blown glass lights )

"Clean, simple lines. Combine sensuous hand-blown glass with exposed filament bulbs to redefine your space." (Niche Modern)

Inspired by the natural forms of the flower and expertly crafted to embody the paradoxical elements of simplicity and complexity which make for truly intriguing design. The Stamen pendant is gorgeously unique, sexy and subtle. Quietly stunning.

When opening a homewares store in Soho, New York, Jeremy Pyles and Mary Welch of Niche Modern were unable to find lights that satisfied their “super picky sensibilities.” Then Jeremy saw a man selling blown glass vases out of the back of his truck. The glass designer wasn’t sure he could create the shape Jeremy was looking for – telling him that “glass is not meant to curve in on itself” – but the two of them kept at it, eventually creating three pendants to light the front of the Niche store. The lights weren’t for sale, but customers kept asking for them and a new business was soon born. Jeremy wanted to flesh out the line and launch big, so 8 more products were designed in a day and prototyped the next.

They are easily my favourite lights at the moment. Here are a few more :)

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