7 Oct 2011

( curtain door by Matharoo Associates )

The Curtain Door by Matharoo Associates is 5.2m high and 1.7m wide, the door is comprised of 40 sections of 254mm-thick Burma teak. Each section is carved so that the door integrates 160 pulleys, 80 ball bearings, a wire-rope and a counter weight hidden within the single pivot.
Stacked one above the other in the closed position, each plank can then rotate by a simple push causing the door to reconfigure into a sinusoidal curve.
The Architectural Review’s Emerging Architecture Awards, celebrates the best pieces of design by young architects from across the world. The door alone, to a diamond merchant’s residence in Surat, India, was judged enough to make it one of the four prize winners. It’s understandable since it’s such a nice and innovative piece. I love this door so much, and I will have one in my future home ;)

Images via Architectural Review


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