20 Oct 2011

( the finest furniture by stuart scott associates )

I was recently made aware of Stuart Scott's work by a fantastic joiner friend of mine. When I visited the Stuart Scott Associates website, my face lit up... 'now this is what you call great furniture design'!
'Each piece is executed to the highest standards in England by Master Craftsman using time honoured techniques'.
The statement above just proves the high level of detail that Stuart expects as a great furniture designer. The forms and overall finish of each and every piece is executed so perfectly due to the collaboration between great design and great craftsmanship.
'Stuart Scott Associates was born out of a passion for combining design with function. A graduate of Ravensbourne College of Design in 1993, Stuart has built an enviable reputation for designing contemporary furniture. Each piece is carefully considered with a great attention to detail and form'.
Stuart's first collection is the culmination of Stuart’s twenty years of international experience and was launched at Decorex 2011. Stuart's new collection is 'all designed and ready to go'.
Thank you for chatting with me on Twitter, Stuart :)
Please see below, some of my favourite pieces.

Images via Stuart Scott Associates

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  1. aahh! I just also discovered Stewart Scott. Great stuff. Nice to see you spreading the love - his site is in my "to be blogged about" file. More love to throw into the blog-o-shrere, yes!


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