21 Oct 2011

( friday's palette - blue and green should be seen )

Your Friday Colour Palette...
Who said blue and green should never be seen! There are definite exceptions to the rule. Just look at these stunning images below. I just had to include a pumpkin... is anyone else overly excited about Halloween next weekend? I am :)
I just love the blue pumpkin so much, that I had to do a colour palette this week to compliment it. I have also put in a few other beautiful images to support my 'blue and green should be seen' theory :)

Images via:
1 - Etsy
2 - Palette by me
3 - Lets face the music and dance
4 - Pinterest


  1. Nice pallet ;) I love these sober colors.
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Thank you Desiree, so glad you like it! Dont you just love the blue pumpkin... fab isn't it ;)have a lovely weekend too hun.

  3. you are so right - blue and green should definitely be seen! The right tones and intensity are necessary, but it can be so amazing as you have clearly portrayed :) Love this.

  4. stuart! you have the best eye. donna

  5. Thank you Donna, thats so kind of you to say :)


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