1 Nov 2011

( autumnal leather cushions )

Happy 1st of November :) It's really really starting to feel like Autumn now. Here in London, October saw a lot of sun, but the cold weather is coming... boohoo! whilst searching for some lovely warm cozy Autumn images to do a post to warm you all up on these cold days, I came across this wonderful images of this cozy window seat with really cool leather cushions. I think they are great. The second image compliments the leather cushions perfectly. Just imagine yourself sitting on this beautifully rustic window seat, with the log fire on, eating this delicious bowl of... do you know what, I have no idea what they are... but they look so yummy.

Images via: brown dress with white dots


  1. Two lovely images again Stuart. What a lovely idea having leather cushions instead of a fixed leather seat. great photo combo too. I LOVE your blog. Its one of my favourite design blogs out there.
    Karen x

  2. Thank you Karen, That's really kind of you. Im just glad people like what I post :)
    have a great week.
    Stu :)

  3. Wonderful! My obsession with wood is slowly being overtaken by that of leather so this is a perfect post for my mood these days ;) Bang on.

  4. Thank you Holly. Is such a lovely image isn't it. I know what you mean about leather love! The combo between the natural earthy colours of the leather look great against the natural ages timber. Hope you are having a great week :)


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