24 Nov 2011

( christmas cuties by skandium )

I popped into Skandium in Nightsbridge on the way home from work and saw these little cuties in the window... I just had to go in a take a few photos! I want the all :) The Christmas Gnomes come in different colour combinations and sizes. They are just perfect to dress your Christmas table with and to add a little fun. They would also look lovely on the fireplace or just scattered amongst the prezzies under the tree. The colours are great... I'm really feeling the White, Blue and Red Christmas theme. More about that next week!!! ;)
Have a look at some of there other lovely Christmas decorations and accessories.

Here are a few other lovely accessories for the home that caught me eye whilst I was in there... Love the little storage boxes in white, blue and red!

Images by me


  1. I love those little guys! Can't wait to take out the Christmas decorations on Sunday!

  2. I love these little gnomes. So cute yet mischievous!

  3. They make me laugh when I see them... too cute hehehe


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