29 Nov 2011

( cute christmas cards/ornaments )

How cute are these! I stumbled across these whilst on Pinterest last night and I fell in love with them straight away. I don't know one person who wouldn't love to receive one of these sweet cards/ornaments. They look so simple to make but they are still so elegant. I going to have to get a pack or... 5 :)
They are designed and made by a US company called Kaniko. Get a pack while you can... I have a feeling they will be flying off the shelves. They are actually just sold as ornaments to hang on your tree or use as gift tags, but I really love them as they are shown in the images below.

Images via Kaniko


  1. How cute are these pinecone dwarfs. Super nice!!!

  2. fab aren't they :) I may have to get a batch :)

  3. Too precious! I could put these around my whole house!


  4. What a fun surprise to find my wee ones featured on your fabulous blog! Please do get in touch with me, Stuart, I would love to send you a set as a "thank you" for this lovely post :) They are indeed flying off the shelves -- I'm making them as fast as I can to get them delivered before Christmas. A note to your readers: though it doesn't state it in the Etsy checkout, I'm happy to ship to the UK, just please convo me first so I can set up the specific shipping. Thanks again -- I'll add your blog to my faves!
    xo, Karina

  5. Good morning Karina... Its my pleasure to feature your work on my blog as they are so lovely. Thank you so much for the offer of sending me some, that is really kind of you. I's so glad to hear they are selling so well. I will send you an email shortly. x

  6. I realize that I am commenting on quite an old post but that is because I've fallen down the rabbit hole of your blog! Just stumbled upon you and found myself really enjoying your style. Will be subscribing for more! :)

    Oh and these little pinecone guys are SO CUTE.


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