29 Nov 2011

( edgy / cool industrial lighting )

Here are some of my favourite industrial lights at the moment. Most would look great in a traditional kitchen or even a contemporary kitchen giving it that edgy twist :)

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  1. I LOVE Edison bulbs - so industrial and striking!

  2. They are beautiful aren't they... I'd have them all over the place if I could... the lecy bill would be well rubbish though, hahahaha.

  3. Great round up of industrial lights. I love industrial lamps - they add a special aura of production/fabric hall/manufacturing/creativity to interiors.

  4. The lighting accents make them interesting and I am always amazed that since so anything is possible and especially the first picture looks after the Middle Ages.

  5. Starkly compelling work! Quite the touch successfully blending the industrial materials to the organic backgrounds. It gave it quite the steampunk feel. I imagine combining these two aspects was a creative challenge. I'd love to see how industrial lighting fluorescent bulbs like these would make it look. Excellent vision, Stuart! More power to you and your works!


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