4 Nov 2011

( friday's palette - mint, blues and plum )

Your Friday Colour Palette...
When I saw this image below, I instantly fell in love with the leather seat and the mint green standing lamp. I really love this 'Grasshopper floor lamp' by Greta Magnusson Grossman, USA, 1947. The lamp comes in some fabulous pastel colours, as well as a back and white option.
I decided to use this image for your Friday colour palette because I love the rich relationship between the mint greens, the browns, purples and blues. Yum :) Happy Friday everyone. 

Images via:
1 - now and then
2 - Palette by me


  1. oooooh! I'm totally feeling this one. Love it. Happy Sunday ;)

  2. The Grasshopper lamp is so nice. Those Swedes hey..! :)

    xx C


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