21 Nov 2011

( my adventures in pictures - east london )

NEW FEATURE - Fun & Inspirations...

This is a brand new feature to 'what wilson wants', where I can show you all what I've been up to over each month and a little insight into where I get some of my inspirations for my posts. I will be including mainly photos taken by myself, so I can only apologise now for my amateur photography skill, hehehe. I hope you like this new feature and find some of my adventures interesting and inspiring :)

So, this is it... the Christmas season is nearly upon us... woohoo! I'm soooo excited! Expect lots of Christmas ideas and happy festive posts to come. Below you will find a few photos I have taken during November, some pretty random, and some to inspire...

Fun Walks & Adventures...

1. Having a lovely walk with a good friend around a fresh foggy Victoria Park, London last weekend.
2. A cute little cafe in Victoria Park Village... They do the best fry-up. All organic produce of course.
3. Enjoying the cute shops in Victoria Park Village... The Ginger Pig is the best butchers in London... Fact!
4. A really cute side street behind the OXO Tower on London's South Bank! We spent ages here just taking photos... then went for a drink of course, hehehe.
5. A stroll through Hays Galleria, London South Bank, when all the shops are closed... Stunning walk at  on a nice evening :)
6. & 7. Watching the fireworks on London's South Bank at the Lord Mayors Festival... Beautiful :)

Cute Little Bits of Inspiration...

8. 9. 10. I popped into Haus London in Victoria Park Village on Sunday. Look at these cute little accessories.

Check out my facebook page for more weekend snaps :)
All images by me :)


  1. You're too modest -- your photos are very nice! Enjoyed them, thank you. Those little moments of inspiration are the best.

  2. Thank you Charlene. So glad you like them... My photography skills are improving :) hehehe. x

  3. Nice blog :-) Love those animals by AREAWARE.

  4. They are so cute aren't they :)

  5. #1 and #7 are such great shots! Thanks for sharing Stuart ;)


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