20 Nov 2011

( nature vs. interior - mountain clouds )

When I found this beautiful image of the mountain, I had to find a few beautiful interiors that complimented the richness of these natural colours. For me, that wasn't too difficult as I do love my rich coloured natural timbers, hehehe. The piece of furniture in the first image is stunning! It's just one of those classic credenza units that are so timeless and work so well in any classic or contemporary setting.
The third image shows a lovely open planned live / work space of a renovated barn, by the Dutch Interior Design duo Ina & Matt. Please pay a visit to their website... It's Fab :)

Images via:
1, 2 - Life on Sundays
3 - Ina & Matt


  1. and again...inspired!!!:)....didn't know Ina & Matt yet....shame on me, being Dutch and all;)....thanks for sharing!

    Enjoy your sunday!


  2. The mountain homes you've been posting lately have me SO inspired for the winter season!

  3. Hi Stuart,
    I'm really enjoying your blog. Just wanted you to know that I put a link to you on my blog today. You can see it here: http://celebratecreation.wordpress.com/2011/11/20/sunday-night-feeling-21/

  4. Thanks will :) I am sooo looking forward to xmas mate... way to eager! hahaha. Went to winter wonderland on friday! you been yet?

  5. Claire - Thank you for adding me to you blogroll hun :) Love your 'Recycled words' post... so cute :) x

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