20 Dec 2011

( a Christmas holiday cabin to dream about )

If you read my guest post on 'Space for Inspiration', you will know just how much I love a Christmas Cottage. As you may have realised by now, most of my posts, when it comes to Interiors, are very much gravitated towards comfortable and classic living with a slight urban / modern twist. But now and again little gems like this pop up and I just melt! My dream Christmas would be spent in a cozy little cabin with my loved ones playing games, eating Christmas dinner, laughing and drinking in-front of an open fire. I think this place is the perfect setting for all of the above. Kate Thornley-Hall's Holiday Cabin is just so pretty... I want to rent it all Winter. 

Images via House and Home


  1. Can I please beam myself RIGHT NOW into that cabin????

  2. I know... It's so cute isn't it :) Do you think she'll do us a good deal, hehehe.

  3. Dog included??? *walkingthedoginthesnow)....uhm....more the hot chocolate in-front of the fire AFTER walking the dog in the snow!!:D

  4. Loved your guest post and LOVE that country bathroom! Not long until Christmas now.... wahooooo! x

  5. Love.... love.... love - cam I come for a visit this winter?
    Thank you for sharing!
    - Jalon

  6. Love it as per usual, if you've seen the film 'The Holiday' I adore that cottage too....... ooooh, feel a blog coming on!!! Anyway, hope you are OK my lovely? Merry Christmas. x

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  8. I dream about a fireplace!! Very nice photos to share!


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