16 Dec 2011

( friday's palette - Christmas Robin )

Your Friday Colour Palette...
I was looking through Flickr last night and came across this beautiful image of a robin. The colours in the image are really great so, of course, I thought... That has to be my festive colour palette for this week! The colours in the Robin are so strong and healthy whilst the direst contrast in the soft pinkish background adds Christmasy warmth to the palette. Love it :) I really love the coziness of the interior I have chosen to compliment this weeks palette.
I'm very excited about this weekend as my Brother, his Wife and my good friend Stu are coming to stay for the weekend... woohoo! I have lots of festive and very exciting things lined up for them... I can't wait!
Have a great weekend :)

Guest post - Space for Inspiration
I am guest-posting about my Christmas thoughts over at the fab blog Space for Inspiration - come and see me! Thank you again Charlotta for asking me to write a post for your 'Talk to me about Christmas...' feature. Please hop across to her gorgeous blog. She has a great eye for beautiful design and detail and her words are so warm and passionate... a real real treat. 

Images via:
1 - Flickr
2 - Colour Palette by me
3 - Elle Decor Magazine
4 - Space for Inspiration


  1. Loved your guest post, Stu. That laptop case is amazing and I love the cottage pictures you posted.

    Have fun with your bro et al! x

  2. Thank you Will. I have just have just noticed all the spelling mistake in it though! oops! Have a great weekend matey... looks like its gonna snow! I really really hope it does... woop de la woop :)

  3. still dreaming about the bike Stuart???:)
    Can you sent some snow across the water please....it's al about sharing you know *cough*;)

    Love the colourpalette, but only if the rusty orange will be in the fireplace..sorry;)!

  4. Love the colour palette - reminds me a bit of my blog colours:-))

  5. Darling what lovely things you say about me. Chuffed..! x

    It was such a pleasure having you and I know my readers loved you!

    Watched 'Home Alone' with the kids tonight and they loved it! Thank you for the inspiration!

    Have a brilliant weekend.

    x Charlotta


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