14 Dec 2011

( gorgeous and classic drawing desk )

When I saw this traditional and beautifully made drawing desk, the first thing I thought was... I want it, followed by, where can I get it, followed by, that's gonna cost a fortune! hahaha. How wonderful is this beautiful piece of joinery! I definitely want one in my house, although I don't really have a lot of room for it... oh well, I'll make room!
All I need now is to find an excellent carpenter. Do you think the carpenter will do the little stool for free? hehehe ;)

Image via Core Movement


  1. Oh my... this is so wonderful!
    -I've also been looking for a stool just like that for yonks... who would have thought simple stools would be so hard to come by?
    Thanks for sharing


  2. Hey Gaelle. Thank you so much for the comment. If you like this stool, then you may like this one:
    Stu x

  3. What a desk! Beats my sofa! ;) P.S. The stool is so cute!

  4. Now THAT is a desk!! Thanks for sharing, my eyes are happy this morning ;)


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