9 Feb 2012

( mountain air / mountain living )

I have a real love for the 'great outdoors' at the moment. Whenever I see an image of a mountain or complete natural calmness, my head runs away and I get lost in this complete state of tranquillity! So I thought to myself... 'Mountain calmness equals calm living inspired by these beautiful natural wonders'! I have put together a few mood boards that I feel really capture that element of relaxed idyllic living, inspired by mountain life... Lets get lost in this world of pure harmony :)

Mood board 1

Mood board 2

Mood board 3

Mood Boards by me
Separate Images via Now and Then


  1. Really well thought-out post again Stuart. I just love how you combine looks and moods to great something beautiful. Your blog is so inspiring. I have been a follower for a while now and look forward to each and every post. Thank you for sharing your fab design eye.

  2. I love all three mood boards, but the third mood board really captures the literal movement and natural style of mountain peaks. Love the natural colours and materials! Love your blog. Keep up the good work Stuart.

  3. Love love love :)

  4. Oh, yes please! I totally could do with an mountain escape right about now! Great inspiration!

  5. The kitchen one just curled its warm, stylish fingers around my heart!
    Oh man.
    Nice stuff Stuart.

  6. Darling this is blogpost perfection! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mountains - to live, to ski, to hike and just generally to be inspired by!

    Sorry for absence - have had modem issues for a fair few weeks. No posts my end and no visits around blogland, but hopefully things are now problem free and I will at least try to load a post over the weekend.

    Hope you are well.

    x Charlotta

  7. These are fantastic, definitely inspiring.

  8. Wow, these are lovely! Found you via pinterest, but I think I am staying. :) Looking forward to your next posts.

  9. Thank you all for the comments! Lisa, I love your boards on Pinterest too :)


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