8 Feb 2012

( warm wintery white homes )

I do adore colour in homes as it always adds interest, depth, personality and character to a space... but sometime, just sometimes... all white just works!
I have a thing at the moment for purity, and white is obviously the purest of all 'colour'! Adding that splash of interest and focus through a splash of colour brings a white interior to life in such a delightful way. If your eye is taken to one bold part of a white interior by an injection of a few strong colours, then you start to notice the other details and they seem to come to life more than if you are confronted with a highly multi-coloured room. Take for example the bathroom sink image below. The strong, rich blue frame grabs your attention, then the simple pendant pulls your eye up to the lovely exposed white-washed beams... I love it :)

Images via 79 Ideas


  1. I am a lover of white and wood so of course I love this! x

  2. That third pictures from the top. I love how they didn't paint the whole ceiling white but kept an area in the original. Love how the beautiful patina and a bit of history contrast with the pure white in the rest of the room. The next to last picture is also a dream! :)

  3. So glad to hear that you both agree :) My personal fav is the bedroom with the unpainted section too... It just adds to much charm and character to that space.... yum. Hope you both are having a great week. xx

  4. Yes, I have too agree, also love the painted/unpainted ceiling in the bedroom, and the final image with the living room is full of charm; particularly love the soft industrial feel with the lights and brick (lights are quickly becoming my new addiction) xx

  5. Beautiful images here. I'm loving white too.

  6. The first pics are from one of my favourite houses. Simply beautiful!


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