20 Feb 2012

( wonderful weekend / wonderful home )

This weekend I went down to the south coast for a good friends 30th birthday celebrations. It was one of the nicest weekends I've had for ages. Fantastic company, amazing food, and the setting was utterly breathtaking! We spent the weekend in this stunning beach front property in West Sussex. On entering this home, all 15 of us were totally blown away! I instantly got the camera out and ran round the house being majorly 'snap happy', hehehe. As we arrived quite late on Friday, we just had quite a relaxed first evening in the hot tub (oh the joys of hot tubs) and a glass or three of wine on the beach front terrace. Saturday we were up nice and early and had a full fry-up for our afternoon stroll along the beach. Saturday evening was celebration time... After a beautiful meal cooked by Simon (thank you Simon), we changed the music and danced the night away.
Please take a look at a couple of images of this fantastic home... I wonder what I should do for my 30th? hehehe
HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY EMMA :) I had an amazing weekend.

Rear of the house facing the beach - Photo by me

Dining area - Photo by me

Entrance Hall - Photo by me

Lounge / Dining area - Photo by me

Cozy lounge - Photo by me

Cool staircase storage - Photo by me

Amazing Terrace area - Photo by me

Looking out to sea from rear terrace - Photo by me

The birthday girl and the crew :) - Photo by me

Me being all arty ;) - Photo by me

Me and the Birthday girl :) 

My morning walk. I love this if I don't say so myself ;) - Photo by me

Kitchen and rear terrace

The outdoor baths were so cool :)

Master bathroom

Safari Room :)

Where I slept - Such a cozy bed :)

1 - 12 by me
13 - 17: Others


  1. Ouch...so cruel, Stuart:)
    beautiful photos, amazing house.

  2. hehehe. I just wish this was my normal life... Unfortunately it's not that glamorous! It was wonderful to be by the sea for the weekend! So so so different to the hustle and bustle of London! Oh well, back to reality! Beach yesterday, Office today... so unfair :( hehehe. Hope you had a great weekend x

  3. Wow! I want to be there right now! So beautiful.
    Looks like you had a great time.

  4. I am endlessly envious!!! This is my idea of a cool, coastal weekend!! Great shots!

  5. Indeed the perfect spot for an amazing time with friends! Seams you had a great weekend :)
    Would love to live so close to the sea...

  6. Stuart, that looks AMAZING and your photos are fab........ plus, are you nearly 30 - you look no where near! I love the lounge/dining photo and your bedroom..... oh, and the terrace..... OK, I love it all! x

  7. Amazing!!! I'm a little jealous. Have a great week Stuart :)

  8. I'm REALLY trying to be happy for you and the birthday crew that you got to spend an amazing weekend in an AMAZING house, Stuart. You must believe me when I say I'm REALLY trying! But, that is not to say that I'm not trying while aching with jealousy to the very core! ;)

    What a gorgeous place and a memory forever for sure! :)

  9. hehehe, Uncle B! It was the nicest house I've had the privilege of staying in, for a very long time! I'd love to do something like that for my big 30! EEK!
    Laura - you sweety! Yes, 30 at the end of the year... aahhh! I'm going to fully embrace it :)

  10. Wow! It really does seem like a wonderful weekend and a wonderful home! Really, really great pictures, Stuart. Your morning walk one is fantastic and I love the master bathroom :)


  11. This house is my dream house!!!!!! Gorgeous shots!

  12. Wow! This is gorgeous. I like the pillows on the last picture they look like little soft rocks :) You take great pictures!

  13. Shelves above stairs are so cool! I always like the old libraries too with laddars/stairs that just go up to the ceiling~ ♥


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