17 Feb 2012

( friday's palette - blue and rusty pinks )

Your Friday Colour Palette...
I just had to include this beautiful 'love seat' by Jason Lewis Furniture, in this weeks colour palette. The stunning craftsmanship that has gone into this piece is breathtaking. The warmth of the walnut against the concrete floor made for a great colour palette. This coupled with the fresh mountain crispness and the sweet ice cream images, I couldn't resist. Happy Friday everyone :)

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Colour Palette by me


  1. The picture of the mountains is just gorgeous! So beautiful. Have a top weekend, Stu!

  2. Beautiful colour palette, Stu. Love the rusty hues in combination with dusty greens.

  3. I really like your blog:)Great pics and so much inspiration..I wish you a lovely week.
    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis

  4. Will - Im well into mountains at the moment :p Hope you've had a great weekend.
    Igor - I'm so glad you like this weeks palette. Rusty hues are the best :)
    Maria - Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog :) It means a lot o know that I inspire you. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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