13 Jul 2012

( friday's palette - pale green and earthy )

Your Friday Colour Palette...
Lets all please pray for a better English Summer, as so far the Summer has been a wash out :(
With this weeks colour palette I decided to go for a fresh pale green tone to make you all feel all summery! We are seriously lacking the Summer sun here in London, so I wanted to create this fresh colour palette to get myself into the Summer vibe... I hope it works for you all too. 
I love this holiday home porch in the first image... It makes me want to be by the coast, sat at my porch, over looking a calm sea... I can only dream ;) 
Happy Friday and have a great weekend all.

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2. Colour Palette by me


  1. I with you Stuart, I'm desperate for summer and lazy days out by the seaside! Your colour pallet sure helps conjuring up some lovely images of the illusive summer! Have a lovely lovely weekend! Toni x

  2. Beautiful! Happy weekend to you too Stuart. Wishing you some sun :)

  3. Dear Stuart,
    i ve just discover your blog and i have to say that "you made my day". Thank you very much,i enjoy it so much.
    ps i m looking forward for a colour palete with grey,black,green,white.

  4. These are such beautiful summery colors even though they are are pretty muted - love them!


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