18 Sep 2012

( London living - my winning photo )

I'm so excited at the moment! I woke up yesterday thinking it was going to be just a normal Monday. I was in work for 9:00am on the dot and checked my emails as usual. I was extremely excited to see an email from a very popular London blog called  'London Living'. I had entered a photography competition through them about 2 weeks ago. The competition requirements were to upload a personal photo that represents your Summer of London, so I thought, 'why not'. To my shock and 'over' excitement, I WON!
Here is my winning picture below. You will be able to see my photo along with all the runners-up, at the Getty Images Gallery in Stratford, London in the Autumn. I'm so excited to see one of my photographs in a prestigious London gallery :)
To see more photos by me, please check out my instagram profile.

London Summer - Canary Wharf

I have also included some of the runners-up contestants... enjoy.

Images via:

1 - Photo by me
2 - Photo by Monika
3 - Photo by David Harding
4 - Photo by Paul Heron


  1. Very atmospheric picture, well done!

  2. Congratulations! How exciting! it's a lovely shot too


  3. Thank you everyone :) I was so excited. I received my camera in the post yesterday. Its a lot smaller than my Lumix so I can use this one for more compact adventures. Can't wait to start using it. xx


Thank you so much for your comment. I will try to respond to any comments and questions as soon as I can. Happy viewing :)

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