19 Oct 2012

( friday's palette - Autumn delight )

Your Friday colour Palette...
As most of you know by now, greens and browns are my favourite colours because, if the right hues and tones are chosen, they will look fantastic anywhere and with anything. I adore the rich hues in all of these images below! The depth of the browns and reds on the timber are reminiscent of the strong, rich Autumnal colours we are seeing here in the UK... I just love the Autumn. Please see below for your weekly colour palette based on these four lovely images :) Happy Friday, and have a wonderful weekend.

Images via:
Colour Palette by me


  1. A lovely palette, Stu. I love the green hues. Love currently a green and grey combo...

  2. Love autumn and LOVE your Friday pallet :)

  3. Thank you guys... Glad you like it... I LOVE AUTUMN/FALL


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