1 Nov 2012

( Autumn morning in London )

Last weekend I decided to have a stroll round the beautiful Richmond Park, London.
It has to be my favourite park in London because of the size, the wildlife and the greenery. Saying that, the green is now more orange, yellow and red... AMAZING.
I just wanted to post a few of the images I captured of my trip to share with you all. As you can see, I'm really getting into my photography.
Goal for next year: have my own photography exhibition ;) hehehe.

Images by me (Stuart Wilson)


  1. Stuart, your snaps are just stunning. There's so much atmosphere in them - please have an exhibition!!

    1. thank you so much will. Richmond Park is so so beautiful. Id loe to do an exhibition... one day ay, hehe

  2. Woah! Your photo skills are really great! Keep up the good work Stuart, happy snapping :)

  3. Thank you Holly. Im loving wild life photography at the moment. How are you anyway? xx


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