30 Nov 2012

( friday's palette - december begins )

Your Friday Colour Palette...
Here's to the beginning of December... I wanted to start Decembers colour palettes as I mean to go on... Christmasy :)
I came across this beautiful fist image last night and knew instantly that I had to use it as my first wintery palette for 2012. I just fell in love with the rich lilac and purple tones in these extremely cute metal display cases, which are from a lovely company called 'Nice'.
I love that this palette is very wintery yet still manages to generate a bit of coziness and warmth through the purple and natural tones. I hope you like it.
Happy Friday everyone. Have a great weekend.

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Colour Palette by me (Stuart Wilson)

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  1. What beautiful and evocative images! Love them all :)


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