1 Dec 2012

( hello december )

Woohoo... It's nearly Christmas... my favourite time of year. Expect a lot of festive posts over the next 4 weeks. Keep warm, stay cozy and enjoy the month ahead... I can't wait :)

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  1. Hello Stu!! :)

    December is gorgeous - especially the weeks leading up to Xmas. So much fun!

    Watched Home Alone with the kids the other night and thought of you. :)

    Hope all is well with you and yours.

    x Charlotta

    1. Hello hun,

      I love december too :) i'm so excited that christmas is just round the corner. I spent today at the Christmas market on London south bank... it was so much fun and really festive.
      I'll be watching home alone this week for sure :)
      wishing the you and the family lots of love and festive cheer. speak soon.

      stu x

  2. Hello Stuart! Happy December to you too :)

    Xx. Holly.


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