19 Nov 2012

( my dream home - living room )

NEW SERIES... My Dream Home. 
In this series I will be creating a visual mood board for every room in my 'dream home'. We can all dream can't we! ;)
This week I have created a mood board for my dream living room. I've created a soft, tranquil space using rich timbers and soft, light fabrics. Choosing the right classic and vintage furniture is also very important to me as I feel these key pieces add personality and character to the space... ultimately creating a beautiful and very cozy living space where I can come home from work, put my feet up on my Chesterfield Sofa (covered with loads of soft cushions), and write my next blog post with a hot cup of tea.

Mood board by Me (Stuart Wilson)


  1. Ooooh! Very cozy yet very elegant. Nice dream living room :)


  2. La lámpara es espectacular...


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