16 Nov 2012

( docking station chic )

I have just been on one of my favourite social commerce websites by the name on Etsy (I'm sure most of you know how fab this site is), and can across these little gems.
The company is called ReAcoustic. They create modern versions of old gramophones by converting them into Ipod docking stations. I just had to share this great product with you all.
The story attached to the company is equally beautiful... 

'PLEASE READ: My wife and I just had three children placed with us for adoption. It has been very overwhelming and such a blessing. Every dock in my shop will be on sale for the entire month of October, and all the proceeds will go to help with all of the adoption expenses. Christmas is just around the corner. Thank you to everyone that has purchased a dock and to everyone that will. You have helped us help three very loving and amazing children.
If you see a horn you like but would like it on a different dock style, let me know. I would be more than happy to build one for you.'

Images via Etsy

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