24 Jan 2013

( Gallery Wall Ideas )

Love how these thin picture frames are just sat comfortably on this concrete shelf at low level.

As most of you know, I have a huge passion for photography, but hardly ever display my work. 99.9% of my own photography is on my laptop, or on various photo-sharing web-sites! Well not any more... This weekend I am determined to buy some really lovely frames and create my very own and very personal Gallery Wall... Exciting :)
I have searched the Internet all week trying to get inspiration for my Gallery Wall, and what best way to hang my photos. This post is also a great opportunity to share my finding with you all.
By the way... Now that I have my inspiration... I don't know which style is my favourite! Please help me decide. Which one is your favourite?

Different frames, sizes and styles! Great balance :)

I really like the arrangement of these monochromatic frames :)

A three level shelving system crammed with frames...
Really like this organised randomness! 

Mixing it all up...
Frames on the shelf, some on the floor and some hanging! Very cool :)

Invisible shelf surrounding the room! 

Why not display other items... walls are not just for photos and art work!

Be creative... vintage items or collectible items... display them. Don't hide them! 

Display boxes / bespoke shelving unit!
I have loads of items and photos I'd show off on a shelf like this ;)

Get the biggest frame you can find and arrange those fantastic Instagram photos!
Be Proud of those snaps! 

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  1. Great ideas - I need to do the same thing - photos are sorted, need to get frames and hang them or place them. Really like the idea of the 3 shelves, that way you can change around easily! Perfect!!
    Have a good day. Caroline

    1. Hi Caroline. I'm glad I could help. I ended up going for a low shelf (like in image 1) and stacked a pile of 5 books onto the shelf with a black frame picture propped up against the wall between each book pile... It looks great :)
      Have a great week,
      Stu x

  2. Nicely styled bedroom (top photo), I love it! The colour palette is simply perfect - well balanced and very elegant.

    1. I too love the style and colours in image one. I went for a similar height shelf and it looks really fantastic :) Hope you are having a good day.
      Stu x

  3. Love the enormous shelving unit - possibly just because it's so huge and the possibilities of improvisation with various objects are endless... Also love the artistic quality of the wall in the second image. But it's the bedroom you start off with that is just perfect...

    1. The huge shelving system is wonderful isn't it :) If I had the height in my house I'd love to do something similar, but unfortunately I don't. Thanks for the comment :) Have a great day.
      Stu x

  4. Great work! It is very good collection of beautiful wall photos. This is a very good wall theme of photographs for making a home look incredibly unique.

  5. I've been thinking of doing my own picture wall for a while.
    Thanks for all this beautiful inspiration!
    Happy Weekend! hx

  6. where can I find that huge frame?? Love it!

  7. Just wanted to let you know I have added some of these ideas to my Pinterest. These are great ideas to share with folks that are my followers and for those that enjoy my photography. Thanks.


Thank you so much for your comment. I will try to respond to any comments and questions as soon as I can. Happy viewing :)

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