22 Jan 2013

( Perfect Rustic Alpine Retreat )

The snow fell all weekend here in London, which was so exciting. I always feel like such a kid when it snows; snow ball fights, snow man building, and amazing photography opportunities. 

As Winter is still well and truly here and here to stay for a while, I thought this post would be very appropriate. 
As soon as I saw this Colorado home I fell in love with it. Designed by Studio Sofield, this Aspen getaway 'raises alpine style to a whole new level'. 

The beautiful design of this contemporary home sits seamlessly into its natural mountainous surroundings with ease whilst still meeting the design brief of a modern / traditional home set out by the clients. (The clients being a husband and wife with very different design views).
“I think of myself as a behaviorist,” Sofield says. “My design for this home or any home, really emerges from an understanding of who the clients are and how they prefer to live. Because I’ve worked with this couple for more than two decades, we had a pretty good head start on the process.” 
I feel the design team at Studio Sofield have blended the clients wishes for both modern and traditional, perfectly through the modern structural detailing i.e. the large double height living space, and stunning traditional materials and finishes i.e. tone walls, natural timber panelling and beautiful patterned carpets etc. 

“The goal is always balance, in weight, mass, texture, colour, everything,” Sofield notes. “It’s the same for the architecture and the interiors. I tend to judge furniture more on shape than pedigree. The casual, collaged feel of the mix here seems right for this kind of house.” 
I couldn't agree more... Design is all about balance and this is one of those perfect examples.

Images via: Architectural Digest


  1. I'd gladly suffer a snow storm in this spot! Gorgeous!

    1. It's great isn't it :) I'd gladly never leave this place, hehehehe.
      Hope your week is going well.
      Stu :)


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